The importance of a Logo

A logo is critically important for marketing your business, it is how the public distinguishes you from your competitors. The logo needs to stand out from the crowd and uniquely identify what you do or sell.

A Logo should encompass the following:

  • Be bold
  • Different from the rest
  • Be relevant to what your business does
  • Communicate your mission statement
  • Be professional

The design should:

  • Be simple and not too busy, yet effective
  • Be easy on the eye and easy to remember
  • Flow: not too many fonts (maximum 2), colours or shapes
  • Not be clip art focused. Of course it’s fine to use clip art and it has its place, but not if it is going to take over the whole design concept and appear to ‘cartoony’, especially if  for a professional business, where shapes and vectors would be more suitable.
  • Reflect your business type: sharp strong lines for legal or corporate and curved soft lines for certain services. For example if you had a technology company you might want angled sharp shapes in greys and blues to represent strength and professionalism, and therefore ensure customers confidence.
  • Have stand out colours but not too many, and consider the relativeness to your business ie: soft pastels for baby products, prime colours for a tradesman.
  • Consider how it will look on a black and white background. Your logo will be going on everything, from stationary to clothing so it needs to look good on it all. If it is black or white make sure the designer gives you both options.
  • You need to consider also your colour choices when it comes to sending images to the printers.
  • Lastly make sure the designer sends you all formats of your logo for editing, re-sizing and re-printing. You should have a: PNG, JPEG, AI (most printers and designers need this file), PDF, Colour Pallet and specifications. CMYK is for paper prints and RGB /#HTML is for online.

Hopefully this article gives you a better understanding of the importance of having a logo, as the first step in developing your business branding. Of course there are a good range in our Logo Store to choose from, so have a browse and if you can’t  find what you’re looking for then feel free to contact me so together we can develop your design ideas.