Jewellery and Art


  • All Jewellery comes packaged on card, wrapped in cellophane, and in bubble wrap if delicate.
  • Wire jewellery is completed using hand made findings. All earrings are sterling silver.
  • Eco Jewellery is made from recycled materials, like cardboard, plastic bags, denim, lace and other materials.
  • Water colour jewellery is made with high quality water colour paper layers, paint and varnish.
  • Most recycled jewellery is finished with varnish to ensure durability and enhance colours and patterns.
  • All hand made jewellery designs are original with no two pieces the same, and why they make the perfect unique gift.

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Paintings and Photography

  • All paintings are my own work and usually inspired by Australian native flora and fauna, but sometimes just abstract shapes and textures get me going. Australian natives have the most unusual colours and shapes and where I live in QLD in the bush, they are abundant.
  • I paint in either water colour or acrylic and even digital art, and am still an emerging artist who is learning, but already have commissioned some work, which am proud of.
  • Prints are mostly A4 size as they are easiest and cheapest to post, so can keep prices down.
  • If you have some requests I would be happy to oblige.